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What happens in Mediation?

Mediation helps people resolve problems by sending people who are not involved to work with those who are having difficulties. We use a combination of the steps below:

To start with, two mediators see each person separately. They hear about the problem, explain what will happen, and look at whether mediation is an option in that case. At the end of the meeting the person involved decides, based on what they have heard and without any pressure, whether to go ahead.

If everyone agrees there is a joint meeting, with the mediators, of all those involved with the difficulties, at a time that suits everyone and in a neutral place. At the beginning of the meeting, everyone agrees to keep to some basic rules so that people can feel safe and be treated fairly and with respect. We then cover the following areas:

What is the problem?

Everyone is asked to tell the mediators, in their own words, and in turn, what the problem is for them, and to hear what each other has to say

How do you feel?

Everyone then tells the mediators, in their own words, and in turn, their feelings about the problem - when it happened and how - and hears what each other has to say

What could be different?

Everyone is asked what they would like to happen, what sorts of things they think might help solve the problem

What can be done?

Everyone is asked if any of the ideas put forward might offer a fair solution, and between them, they come to an equal and achievable agreement.

Who are Kingston Friends Mediation?

Kingston Friends Mediation is a registered charity that provides mediation either privately, or through organisations.

People working for the group:

 are specially trained and experienced in mediating
 are independent and do not work for the organisation that may have referred you
 are not counselling, advising or offering legal expertise
 will not tell people what to do about their problems
 will not take sides, judge or blame
 understand that people may be angry, upset, worried or frightened and are used to creating a safe place to look at and solve problems


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