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Training Courses

Courses available :-

• Anger Management
• Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution
• Basic Mediation Skills (accredited)
• Body Language and Communication
• Build your Confidence and Make the most of your Experience
• Communication Skills
• Commercial Mediation to Community Mediation Conversion
• Community Mediation to Commercial Mediation Conversion
• Community Mediation to Workplace Mediation Conversion
• Conflict Resolution for Managers
• Dealing with difficult People
• Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
• Emotional Literacy for Teenagers
• Emotional Literacy for Adults
• Facilitation Skills
• Listening and Questioning
• Managing Change
• Managing Time
• Mediation Awareness
• Peer Mediation (schools and organisations)
• Positive Self Esteem
• Return to Work
• Stress Management
• Team Building
• Train the Trainer
• Workplace Mediation

For further details of these courses or to discuss your combining these courses to meet your specific requirements, please contact us by either telephoning 0870 017 3344 or by email to

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