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Schools work

We provide activity-based sessions, suitable for whole classes, staff or small groups, which address the following topics:

• Getting on with each other: Communication skills are practised through cooperative activities. This helps to build positive relationships while valuing differences.

• Managing conflict: a range of sharing skills for young people to ‘own’ as they face common disagreements in the playground and everyday life.

• Approaching peer mediation: sharing specific skills which can be used by young people to help others manage their problems. With “whole-school” support this can become an effective practice within the life of a primary or secondary school

• Working in the playground: for lunchtime supervisors/staff, looking at the positive powers of observation and communication in managing playground conflict.

• Moving forward with behaviour management: training days/half-days/twilight sessions, which can help to address specific areas of concern through cooperative ownership of relevant conflict management strategies.

Sessions are open for negotiation with staff to fit in with developing PSHE / CITIZENSHIP 2000 Education Programmes.

Discussion takes place in a circle
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