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Family Work

Family workshops

Typical concerns which young people and their families come to workshops to address are:
• bullying at school
• school exclusion or absenteeism
• conflict within family relationships - including the management of change
• concerns between young people and their parents.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment that encourages family members to communicate more effectively and generate solutions for themselves.

Skills, including anger management and those which develop self esteem, are promoted through the use of a variety of activities and materials which are adjusted to meet the needs of individuals, small groups or families.

We work to empower family members so that they gain confidence and learn to relate more effectively with one another. By learning these skills families can live more harmoniously and adjust to many difficulties they may encounter.

Referrals can be made either: directly to us, through Social Services, family support workers, social workers and schools or educational welfare officers.

Occasionally individuals may be seen on their own or with one other member of the family. Specific Parenting Programmes for groups are also offered.

Parenting courses

We run friendly, lively, enjoyable groups, led by experienced people. These groups are for all parents. If you would like to increase your knowledge and understanding of the relationship with your child, maybe if you want to know more about dealing with conflicts with your child - the course covers these aspects and a lot more.

The groups are constructive and supportive. You will be offered ideas, but not “told what to do”!

The groups run for either 6 or 8 weeks, with a weekly session of 2 hours. They are usually in an evening, but day-time groups can be organised occasionally. There are usually about 10 people in a group. Mothers and/or fathers are welcome.

The cost is £195 for the 8 week course and £145 for the 6 week one.

For more information phone 0870 017 3344 or email

Family friends

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