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Educational materials

Handbook & video

Handbook & video

Handbook – “Ways & Means Today”, Conflict Resolution, Training, Resources (111 pages)

Compiled and edited by Anne Rawlings, A4 paperback, £16.00

Since its publication in 1996, this has become a standard resource for training programmes on the theme of conflict and conflict management. It is designed to be used by teachers with children from early years to late teens, but the principles are equally applicable to adults. The techniques and the theory behind them are clearly explained. Two-thirds of the book is devoted to specific activities, arranged under the headings of aim, age, equipment needed, and follow-up discussion points. Photocopiable materials are included.

“Conflict is part of life. It presents opportunities for us all to make choices and grow. Conflict resolution skills allow us to respond constructively to conflict. This handbook is all about identifying these skills, practising and applying them to everyday life”. The book explains how communication, co-operation and affirmation are the hidden supportive elements of successful solutions to conflict.

Video – “Step by Step”, Towards resolving bullying (running time: 28 min)

Produced by Peter Tottle, Directed by Robin Garnett, £30.00

This video brings to life activities in the handbook “Ways & Means Today”. Share the experiences of school staff and pupils as they put into practice “circle time workshops” and a four-step approach to resolving bullying and other conflicts. Infant, junior, secondary and special needs environments are illustrated.

At secondary level, the video demonstrates how to develop further the skills learned in circle time workshops to establish a mediation programme, where pupils can train to help each other with the conflicts they experience.

Hear directly from staff and pupils how these skills have helped them.

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