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A year in the life of KFM

Co-ordinators Reflection July 2004

I’ve been in post for a year now as Mediation Co-ordinator and felt that it would be useful to share with you some highlights of that year with you.

Jun 2003 Work started on the development of the Homelessness Project with RBK.
Jul 2003 First Homeless Mediation case referred by Social Services.
Aug 2003 First Homeless Mediation Agreement reached between mother and daughter.
Sep 2003 KFM Basic Mediation Skills training accredited by Mediation UK.
Oct 2003 Training for new mediators for Kingston and East Surrey.
Nov 2003 First external accredited training course delivered to Alone in London.
Dec 2004 Twenty-two mediators accredited by Mediation UK (six for KFM)
Jan 2004 Workshop held for Development of the Quality Mark for London
Co-ordinators in Central London.
Feb 2004 Peer Mediation Lecture given at Birkbeck College London sponsored by The Institute of Family Therapy.
Two mediators awarded Competent Mediator Status by Mediation UK
Mar 2004 Institute of Family Therapy request the development of a Peer Mediation Level 1 qualification (can be taken at the age of fourteen).
Apr 2004 KFM take part in a round table discussion in Richmond, the subject being Conflict and International Terrorism.
May 2004 KFM facilitate the Homelessness Practitioners Networking Day at the Diana Memorial Fund, Westminster.
Jun 2004 KFM start delivering the newly developed Peer Mediation training course at an independent school in Guildford
Jul 2004 One Competent Mediator Portfolio submitted to Mediation UK for Assessment.

What next?

 Start to work towards the quality mark. With three Competent Mediators this has now become something that KFM can realistically work toward.
 Continue developing the school age qualification with London Open College Network as well as develop Peer Mediation training opportunities in Kingston, Richmond and Merton,
 Develop closer working relationships with Housing Associations with a view to receiving more community mediation referrals.
 Deliver Basic Skills Mediation Training to Law Students in London and to other organisations as requested.

I hope that you have found this overview of use and would welcome any comments or ideas that you may have to help us in our work.

Please feel free to contact me on 020 8547 1197

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